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General Questions

It is printing that is done direct to a garment. OK, so we need a bit more than that. Effectively direct to garment printing it is the same as printing a picture from your computer onto a piece of paper. With DTG though the paper is replaced with a garment. Easy.
Because with other forms of printing, screen-printing for instance, you need a whole lot more equipment, space and time. You also have a lot more chemicals to dispose of. Oh and you don’t need to take a shower afterwards to remove the ink!
For instance, How big is the print? How much color is involved? How much of that color is solid blocks of color? What we can say is that, because of the lack of set up problems and time, the print will be considerably lower cost than the equivalent image screen printed on a small number of shirts.
Yes.Our DTG viper print system uses white ink allowing us to print any color including black and dark shirts. Currently they have not developed a white ink that will adhere to polyester. We can only digitally print white and light colored poly shirts. no white ink will print on the light garments.
Because this system uses four color process also called CMYK it will literally print millions of colors.
We can read any graphics file format like jpeg, png, gif, tiff etc.
Less than 5 minutes. No kidding. It goes a little something like this. We can: Take any image off the internet Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to be print ready, Send it to the printer Print & Cure the t-shirt

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